Hi, I’m Jules

So this is where I write about myself and my inspirational story. I’m not all that special, I am just a girl who needs to get healthy. Just because I am thin does not mean I am healthy. Ask me to run I dare you. Unless I am being chased, I cannot run fast or far. I get out of breath way too quickly and it turns out I have asthma. (I think I am just out of shape, so I never do my inhaler. CVS keeps calling me asking if I need a refill, but I have maybe used it twice oops). I might seem like just some stereotypical girl who thinks her fitness blog is going to blow up and be super famous but honestly, I’m writing this for me not for you. So, Ido not really care what you think 🙂

I eat really badly and often forget to eat all my meals. I do not like a lot of foods so this is going to be a challenge for me. I do not really like when my food touches, or sauces, or things that give off weird juices, or things that are composed of too many ingredients, or if I don’t know what it is. Mom NEVER asks me what I want for dinner. Cause usually it’s nothing.

I also have this fun little thing called fibromyalgia. There is a very nice and simple definition: a disorder characterized by widespread pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, and memory issues. Some researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals. So thats it. However they do not always say just how much it hurts. Sometimes I can’t even tell I am in pain because I am just so used to it. I have asked my mom “What do you mean not everyone’s legs hurt when they wake up, move around, and when they are trying to sleep?” She actually wants me to write down whenever anything hurts just so I can see how bad it is. But I can barely remember to text people back so that Pain Journal is so not going to happen.

I also love reading and I think it is part of health. To me, being able to get lost in a story is the best feeling. I feel that an author has done her job when I find myself thinking about a book, weeks after reading it. Whether it’s How is that character doing today or Wow, I still can’t believe she did that. If I feel like I know your character better than my sister, you have done well!

This is me. *Insert Camp Rock Song*

Yup that just happened… I hate me too don’t worry.